Lucha Girls vs Los Pelons

Lucha Girls vs Los Pelons – Mixed Tag Team Action!
featuring Team Lucha Girls Jennifer Thomas & Serena Deeb vs Team Los Pelons (The Bald Ones) BC Killer & his sidekick Supreme (Special Guest Referee Jezabel Romo) ~ Lucha Girls Jennifer Thomas & Serena Deeb haven’t met in the ring in quite awhile and are looking forward to a good natured, yet competitive pro wrestlng match. As soon as they start thier match, they hear snickering and ribald remarks coming from 2 fat bald guys. Enter tag team Los Pelons, they tell the girls that the real wrestlers are here to train and to get the fuck out of there ring. The girls are quite insulted and a heated argument ensues. In the end, they decide to fight for the ring! Women versus Men, boys versus girls, or cocks versus cunts…whatever you want to call it, its happening right now. This is definitely a mixed match, but the girls hold their own, putting up an awesome fight, though taking their fairshare of punishment and damage. This is an awesome pro wrestling match where all wrestlers leave it in the ring with action! Though Jennifer & Serena the have the heart and passion to keep going, is it enough to gain the victory? Or do the 2  big bald brutes claim the victory and kick the girls asses? Buy Lucha Girls vs Los Pelons now and find out who is Kings or Queens of the Ring!
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Jennifer Thomas & Serena Deeb take on BC Killer and his sidekick Supreme in Lucha Girls vs Los Pelons – Mixed Tag Team Action!

All fighters are pro trained wrestlers and always ready to fight for you (except Supreme, he thinks custom wrestling is sinful these days)  Let Lucha Girls (& Guys) bring your dreams to reality!  Send us your script or ideas to and make your fantasies come to life!