Lucha Girls signs Laura James to roster!

BREAKING NEWS!!! – Lucha Girls signs Laura James to roster!

Sexy & Sassy Blonde Bombshell Pro Wrestler Laura James wants to wrestle just for you at Lucha Girls Wrestling!  She has been wrestling on the independant wrestling circuit in the US and Japan. And was Alacrana Plata #2 on a Worldwide Puscifer Tour as the opening act Luchafer! This girl knows how to bring the sass and class to the ring with her either in a tag match (she tags with Heather Monroe as the Killer Baes or as a singles wrestler).  She is available for Pro Style and Mixed Wrestling matches.  Send us your script and let Laura fight for you!!

Imagine seeing her in the ring fighting for you versus one of our other awesome fighters:

Jezabel Romo, Heather Monroe (other half of the Killer Baes), Jennifer Thomas, Ruby Raze, Tab Jackson, Allie Parker, Thunder Rosa or the menacing Masked Man!  

Just let us know your fantasy wrestling match and we can make it a reality.