Loser Kisses Feet in 1479-Pucker UP and Kiss My Feet Bitch – Bikini Wrestling

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Bikini clad Jezabel and Carmen meet again in the ring and this time its a Loser kisses feet match!  They both resort to every crotch , ass smacking and even tickle deviousness to try and get the win in 1479-Pucker UP and Kiss My Feet Bitch – Bikini Wrestling

1479-Pucker UP and Kiss My Feet Bitch! – Bikini Wrestling

Jezabel Romo vs Carmen Valentina

Carmen is getting quite comfy in what she feels should be her ring.  In saunters Jezabel, who laughs in Carmens face and asks if she is ready for another ass kicking?  Carmen is sweetly offended by this bullying bitch and states that she will fight Jezabel any place, any time, she isn’t afraid of an old bitch like Jezabel! Jezabel saucily suggests that maybe they should have a little wager for this match, I mean, why not make it interesting?  Jezabel says that the loser of this match will have to kiss the winners feet! Now if you know Jezabel, you know that this chick hates, I mean she fucking despises feet! But Jezabel being the wily old bitch she is, doesn’t plan on losing this match! She will resort to any and every dirty tactic she can deviously think of to win this match!  The match starts and from the git go, Jezabel is fighting dirty….crotch attacks, wedgies, ass spanking, titty twisty and even starts to tickle poor vulnerable Carmen. But Carmen is a feisty little bitch herself and can take all the aggression that Jezabel is dishing out and even getting the upper hand a few times herself! But does she have enough breasticular fortitude to actually beat Jezabel at her own game and make this cougar bitch kiss Carmes tantalizing little toes? These teeny tiny bikini clad bitches are willing to do just about anything to best and beat the other!  Download LGW’s 1479-Pucker UP and Kiss My Feet Bitch – Bikini Wrestling and watch all the catfightin action and even a little toe kissin’!

Time Limit ~ 13 min Format ~ MP4

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