My Little Piggy – Nose & Navel Violation

My Little Piggy – Humiliation Match! Lucky vs Allie
featuring Luscious Lucky OShea vs Sassy Allie Parker ~ in this humiliating little tale, Lucky OShea is used to being the popular, most sought after fighter at Lucha Girls Wrestling, but Allie has taken that slot as of late and is getting more match requests that Lucky. And Lucky is tired of hearing her complain about her perfect little body. She catches Allie in the ring, complaining that her already toned abs need work. Lucky starts in on Allie verbally hurling insults at her and then proceeds to start poking Allie’s cute little belly button saying that maybe Allie should put down the donuts and quit being a little piggy. Allie is hurt and embarassed by this female bully and tries to defend herself….huge mistake…as the veteran Lucky soon dominates poor Allie and spends almost 30 minutes humiliating and abusing poor sweet Allie. She violates Allie’s navel and nostrils, calling her all kinds of gluttonous names and even making her squeal like a pig. Poor Allie may never recover from her pig like humiliation from the vengeful, jealous Irish tempered Lucky OShea. The best in Nose & Navel Violation!
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