Lingerie Lunchbreak ~ Jezabel vs Jennifer

Lingerie Lunchbreak ~ Jezabel vs Jennifer
Jezabel Romo is the Office Manager, Jennifer Thomas is the new employee in the secretary pool – both girls are up for the same promotion at Lucha Girls. Spinster Jezabel decides to have a private meeting with the tanned toned and titty showing Ms Thomas about why she needs to back down from what she feels should her promotion! Jennifer does not agree and soon both girls strip down to bra & panty (to save their work clothes of course) and a catfight ensues…hair pulling, scissorholds, , slaps and kicks are just a few things these girls will do to get this promotion!!! So take a long break from work, get away from your desk and witness the catfighting mayhem of Lingerie Lunchbreak ~ Jezabel vs Jennifer
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Supervisor Jezabel reads the new employee Jennifer the latest memo.


Jezabel locks jennifer in a Nelson/ Scissor combo


Jennifer locks Jezabel in a Facedown, Ass Up head scissor!


Both girls have a body scissor locked on strong, but who will tap first?

Jezabel and Jennifer are both trained pro wrestlers and love to wrestle for your viewing pleasure!  Be the booker and let us make your dream match a reality!!  Email today!