Like Pie? New Loser Gets Pie Faced match -Jezabel vs Delilah!!!

Hello Beautiful People!

We have a doozy of a match for you as Aerobic Queen Delilah Doom makes the mistake of laughing in Jezabels face.  But Jezabel has her own, sweet creamy pieface plans for Ms Doom in LGW’ 1496-Loser Gets Pie Faced – Female Wrestling

1496-Loser Gets Pie Faced – Female Wrestling

Delilah Doom vs Jezabel Romo

Delilah Doom is the Queen of Aerobics in the wrestling world, some even say she is related to the infamous Richard Simmons! She is looking all cute in her little gym gear waiting on her opponent and getting her stretch on.  Jezabel saunters in the ring all excited to wrestle Delilah and hopes to one day become a back up exerciser for Delilah too. She is so excited she even went out and bought a brand new 1980’s style gear for this match. Delilah upon seeing Jezabel simply put, just laughs in Jezabels face.  She can’t even take this cougar bitich seriously and decides that this match isn’t worth it and goes to leave the ring. Jezabel stopes her at the last moment challenging Delilah to a wager. Now Delilah being a betting girl decides to accept this wager of Loser Gets Pie Faced. She knows that she is a far superior wrestler than Jezabel and thinks this should be a fairly easy match to win. Jezabel, being a good sport extends her hand for a well meaning handshake, Delilah grabs her hand, kicks her in the stomach and gives Jezabel a surprise clothesline!  She laughs in her face and head smashes her into the turnbuckle. She toys with Jezabel and gives her chops to the chest, all the while laughing in her face. She makes the mistake of turning her back on Jezabel, forgetting that she is known for her underhandedness and dirty tactics. Suddenly Delilah feels a sudden deep pain between her legs as Jezabel delivers a low blow. Now Jezabel is feeling quite angered and vindictive and decides to teach Delilah a lesson. SHe tried to pay nice, but can only take so much of being laughed at and not taken seriously. Its time to teach this little aerobic fetish bitch a lesson in manners.  She proceeds to beat Delilah around the ring, stretching her legs wider than they have ever been spread, stomping her, chopping her, and even throwing in some painful crotch strikes! To add more humiliation, she even gives her a fishnet clad stinkface. How much can lil Miss Doom take…but then they say Doomies Never Die, but can take one whopper of a pie face, let me tell you. To witness the shame and humiliation of Ms Doom download LGW’s 1496-Loser Gets Pie Faced – Female Wrestling and watch all the sweet ass action!

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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