LG Tryouts – Lift & Carry Loser

Lucha Girls Tryouts: Lift & Carry LOSER
featuring Luscious Lucky OShea vs Blonde Bombshell Becca ~ The lovely little Becca wants desperately to be a Lucha Girl. She is at a tryout ring awaiting her opponent for her tryout. Entering, in a bitchy mood to begin with, walks #1 Lucha Girl Lucky OShea. She is determind to not let this little chit off easily. First off she gets pissed that Becca is sitting casually on the ring and feels that in itself is very disrespectful! Suddenly she overpowers Becca and lifts her into an Over The Shoulder hold and berates her perkiness and audacity! Poor BEcca did not expect this treatment, and frankly because of her cute and sexy look, is not used to being manhandled,let alone by a woman! But Lucky is not finished with her yet. She lifts and carries her around the coveted ring. When tiring of hearing Beccas moans and wails, she knocks her out and continues with a carry lesson that contains a Bear Hug, Piledriver Lift and Cross Body lift that Becca will never forget!  Buy LG Tryouts – Lift & Carry Loser today and see if Becca has what it takes to be a Lucha Girl.
Lucky is always available to fulfill your wrestling & boxing fantasies!  Email your fantasy match to Info@LuchaGirls.com today!