Lets See What You Got – Mixed Lift Carry

Lets See What You Got – Mixed Lift Carry

featuring  Canadian Cutie Mutiny vs Bad Dude Tito ~ Mutiny is feeling sassy and sees a hot guy in the ring doing push ups.  She measures him up and down and decides, he isn’t that strong and proceeds to interrupt his workout by laying on him as he finishes up his pushups…..words are exchanged and she decides to show him just how strong a sexy woman can be and picks him up in a Firemans Carry!  The competition is on now, as Bad Dude will not be showed up by a mere, bikini clad woman.  They take turns in various lift and carry’s around the ring – Piggyback, Over The Shoulder, Lift, Piledriver and Powerbomb positions and more!  But in the end there can only be one winner and one victim of a .  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings Lets See What You Got – Mixed Lift Carry” and watch the beauty and brawn battle it out with brute strength!

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