Latest releases & updates from Lucha Girls Wrestling


Greeting Lucha Girls Fans & Friends,

I know I have been lacking on updates, but its hard when you are one woman doing it all…lol.  I took a brief reprieve, but now I am back and ready to bring you the hottest in customs wrestling action.

In the works for September and October, we are in talks and finding a date to bring in Laura James, Heather Monroe, Jennifer Thomas, Ruby Raze and of course Jezabel Romo too!  We are also bringing back one of the most sought after Lucha Girls….Luscious Layla!!  No dates are set in stone, but will be forthcoming soon!  Stay Tuned

Check out our latest releases featuring some of the best customs (and pro) wrestlers in town!

First up we have that sexy and oh so sassy Irish Lass Lucky O’Shea going belly to belly with not 1 but 2 bigger badder bitches in the form of Jezabel Romo and J Rose in 1701-Golden Girl Gut Bustin’ – 2on1 Bellydom Catfight

Click here for 1701-Golden Girl Gut Bustin’ – 2on1 Bellydom Catfight


If you love some Live Mixed Wrestling action, the Killer Baes invade a nerd party and cause all kinds of wrestling havoc, but who takes the victory at the end?  The Sexy Killer Baes or the nerd squad Study Buddies?  Watch 1700-Killer Baes After School Special – Mixed ProWrestling

Click here for Killer Baes After School Special – Mixed Pro Wrestling


We even have something for all of you sexy foot lovers out there.  Jennifer Thomas confronts Jezabel Romo about fucking around with her man.  Jezabel brazenly stands up and hands poor Jennifer quite a foot basing bonanza in 1702-Mistreat Thy Feet – Pro Style Footdom Wrestling

Click Here for 1702-Mistreat Thy Feet – Pro Style Footdom Wrestling

Do you have a match that you have always wanted to book?  Let Lucha Girls Wrestling make your dream match a reality?  Jezabel Romo & her friends would love to wrestle just for you!  Lucha Girls has a full roster of pro trained wrestlers always ready and willing to fight for you!  Whether  you want a pro style match, mixed wrestling, catfight or fantasy wrestling match, we can produce it.  All you have to do is send your script with time limit to and we will let you know what talent and price your dream match will cost.  You just sit back, grab a cool drink and watch all the action in the comfort of your own home!