Just Released – 1575-Not So Belly Appropriate ~ Bellydom Wrestling

1575-Not So Belly Appropriate ~ Bellydom Wrestling

Featuring Delilah Doom vs Jezabel Romo

Jezabel has been lacking confidence and motivation and hires a personal trainer /life coach to inspire her.  She is all excited about her new found self confidence and is dressing more provocatively to show the world the new and improved Jezabel.  Delilah, her trainer comes in and the first thing she sees is Jezabel wearing thigh hi socks and black stilettos….wtf? This is a workout session, not Strippers R US!  She condemns Jezabel who throughly shocked and getting more angry by the second fires back that this is her confidence and not to tear her down! So fucking much for self empowerment right?  Delilah responds with throwing Jezabel in the ring and a belly punching catfight begins…..meee-owww! Though soon Jezabels soft tender belly takes one hit too many and she is at the mercy of Delilah and her tough love approach!  She attacks Jezabels fast reddening and bruising belly with a ferociousness that lets Jezabel know exactly what Delilah thinks of Jezabels slutty “workout” gear. If you love a good old fashioned belly bashing and bruising (literally) , then you will love LGW’s “1575-Not So Belly Appropriate ~ Bellydom Wrestling”

Time Limit ~ 20 min                     Format ~ MP4

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