Just Released – 1524-Lucha Girls vs Modest Moms – Losers Kiss Ass Match

Greetings LGW Fans,

We traveled up the west coast to bring you Hot Female Tag Team wrestling action between SoCals Lucha Girls and the Modest Moms of NorCal in this awesome Loser Kisses Ass match only at Lucha Girls Wrestling!

1524-Lucha Girls vs Modest Moms – Loser Kisses Ass

Lucha Girls Alacrana & Vulcana vs Modest Moms Alexandria & Athena

Lately Jezabel, the owner of Lucha Girls Wrestling has been hearing alot of smack being talked about her and her Lucha Girls, especially by newcomers Modest Moms Wrestling.  It seems the the MMW owner Alexandria Hamilton and her sidekick Athena Law have gotten quite the big heads and egos in the wrestling business and think that just because they have a “few” fights on their match cards that they can take on the world of wrestling.  Jezabel is sick of hearing the entitlement and self braggarts of this new generation and decides to send a couple of fighters on a road trip to teach these sassy chicas a lesson they won’t soon forget! They meet the Moms in the ring and challenge them to a Loser Kisses Ass match!  Naively, Alexandria and Athena accept the challenge not realizing that they are in the ring with seasoned vets who are determined to win by any means necessary. The match starts and already the Lucha Girls are laughing at these 2 wanna be wrestlers as they don’t even know how to start the match…this is a tag match ladies, not a free for all battle.  The Modest Moms may know a thing or two about wrestling, but the Lucha Girls know more and start down their inexperienced opponents. Though it seems that the Moms have a couple of tricks up their sleeve and almost get the win, but when you have 2 vindictive Luchadoras, their lack of true wrestling knowledge becomes their personal downfall and they face the ass kissing comeuppance of the Lucha Girls!  Download LGW’s 1524-Lucha Girls vs Modest Moms – Loser Kisses Ass and watch all the exciting tag team mayhem of 4 sexy ladies!

Time Limit ~ 12 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

Lucha Girls is heading back to their newly won territory on April 15, 2019 and this is your chance to order your very own match! Matches are starting at $200 for 10 min, if you mention this post!

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