Just released! 1393-Tap Bitch Tap – Female Fetishy Pro Wrestling – Jezabel vs Crystal

Hello Wrestling Fans!

Jezabel and Crystal are back, clad in 1 piece shiny thong suits and ready to fight to the tap out, with wedgies, scissorholds and even some good ol’ fashioned pro moves in LGW’s 1393-Tap Bitch Tap – Female In ring Wrestling!

1393-Tap Bitch Tap! – Female Fantasy Pro Wrestling

Crystal Clark vs Jezabel Romo

Younger vibrant Crystal Clark and Latina Cougar Jezabel Romo are no strangers in the ring!  In fact, Jezabel was one of Crystals very first trainers back in their pro days.  But that was a long time ago and now these 2 bitches just love the beat the hell out of each other.  Crystal took a long hiatus from the ring and Jezabel is determined to keep her out once and for all!  But Crystal knows this older bitter bitch, she knows how to get under her skin and knows that to fight with emotion is to be the weaker opponent!  After hurling insults back & forth, these sexy bitches, barefoot and clad in thong 1 piece, all shiny and tiny start brawling all over this damn ring!  This match contains alot of ass cheeks getting wedgied, body scissors, and even some pro moves!  But there can be only 1 winner in this tapout competitive match!  Who do you think will take the win and make the other wench tap?  Older, ore experienced Jezabel or the more vivacious perky Crystal?  Download LGW’s 1393-Tap Bitch Tap! – Female In Ring Wrestling, place your bet, grab a cold one and sitback and watch all the catfighting action now!

Time Limit ~ 11 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches fully scripted and are performed by trained professionals, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters and in compliance of 18 U.S.C. § 2257 regulations