Just released! – 1001R-Olympic Stripdowns – USA vs Canada

Just released at Lucha Girls Wrestling!

Team USA brings Stripdown World Champion Jezabel to battle it out with Canadian Super Slut Mutiny in Stripdown madness!

1001R-Olympic Stripdowns – USA vs Canada

USA’s Jezabel Romo vs Canada’s Mutiny

Jezabel and Mutiny have a love/hate type of relationship.  They love to beat the hell out of each other and hate each other with a passion!  They are similar in height, build  and coloring but thats where any similarities end.  Jezabel is a hot tempered Latina from the barrios of Los Angeles.  Mutiny is a Sexy yet manipulating slut from Quebec, Canada.  They have met in the ring before in a loser gets stripped down and humiliated match, to which Jezabel gained the victory and Mutiny gained the humilating full on exposure of her pussy!  This time, Mutiny is back, representing Canada and determined to get her revenge, but Jezabel is just as determined to keep the slut of a Canadian stripped of her dignity and her Canadian one piece.  The match starts with both girls evenly sizing up the other.  But slowly Jezabels experience and rough tactics gains her the upper hand and slowly Mutiny feels herself on the end of a from the spicy American!  This is a fight that Mutiny just might lose!  Jezabel is not a weak man to be manipulated by a BBW body and French accent.  Mutiny just might actually have to fight her way out!  Jezabel weakens the Canadian cunt with punches, low blows, , tit grabs and more!  With a breathtaking Dragon Sleeper applied, Jezabel rips off her Canadian 1 piece &  Mutinys fake silicone filled breasts are fully exposed, she is losing this match!!  Now she is down to just a teeny tiny thong.  She is fighting with every ounce of strength and passion to exact revenge and make Canada proud and uses some of Jezabels own tactics against her! She catches Jezabel in a standing sleeper hold, making the American woman start to drool profusely, gasping for air.   Now the dumb Canadian bitch has the weakened American ripe and ready for her revenge!  Jezabel gets stripped down to being a bare naked and fully exposed lady, with all of her special lady parts spread wide open and close up for your viewing pleasure.  But Mutiny is not done yet, she puts Jezabel in all baring, fully exposing pins and submissions and finally hoists her up into a backbreaking Rack.  If you want to see the brutality of this all exposing rematch between these 2 sexy yet fierce fighters buy Lucha Girls Wrestling ”1001R-Olympic Beatdowns 5 – USA vs Canada – Stripdown

Time Limit ~ 28 min          Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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