Just added to May 18 shoot – Jezabel & Jennifer

We are planning our first shoot of the year here at Lucha Girls Wrestling on May 18, 2018!!!

Just added to May 18 shoot – Jezabel & Jennifer – thats right, our 2 original, been with us from the git go fierce fighters Jezabel Romo and Jennifer Thomas are ready to meet in the ring again.  Versus each other or against the returning Luscious Layla



Here is your chance to be the booker of your very own match!  You decide who fights, the type of match, the time limit…..you can even pick the wardrobe of each fighter!  Matches starting at $200 

Matches available are Female Wrestling, Catfights, Fetish matches, Mixed Wrestling, Lift & Carry and whatever else your creative juices can think of!……(within boundaries of course LOL)

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