Jezabel gets Sweet Wedgie Revenge on Jennifer….

Hello Wedgie Lovers!

Remember when Jennifer bound me to the ring ropes by my tiny thong, giving me the ultimate lip ripping wedgie?  Well now its payback time for some Sweet Wedgie Revenge…..check it out!

1385-Sweet Wedgie Revenge – Bound & Wedgied

Jezabel Romo vs Jennifer Thomas

Sale Price ~ $9.99

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Recently Jennifer caught me in the ultimate wedgie nightmare!  She actually handcuffed me, by my skimpy ass thong to the ring ropes, leaving me to be humiliated by my peers and students of my wrestling school. Oh the horror, I tell you!  I was so fucking embarrassed!  But now, Jennifer is back in my ring and its time for me, Jezabel, to get my Sweet Wedgie Revenge on the muscular beauty Jennifer!  Time for a comeuppance bitch!  What she did to me was totally inexcusable and now, she will know exactly what it feels like to be wedgied by the top rope.  To feel like your pussy lips and butthole are getting ripped and gripped by your very own thong!  Its downright painful!  It took me days to recover.  But now, right friggin now, its her turn to suffer the wrath of my Latina temper and get a real up close a personal vibe of LGW’s 1385-Sweet Wedgie Revenge!  I must say, this was a marvelous payback to poor sweet unsuspecting Jennifer Thomas!

Time Limit ~ 8 min / Format ~ MP4

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