Jezabel gets Piledriven and Beat down by a Masked Man in 1440-Piledriver Humiliation

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Jezabel is back with a brand new championship belt and a brand new cocky confidence that infuriates a rejected Masked Man.  She is in for the most humiliating beat down of her life in LGW’s 1440-Piledriver Humiliation – Mixed Wrestling

1440-Piledriver Humiliation – Male Dom Mixed Wrestling

Jezabel Romo vs Masked Man

Fiesty Latina Jezabel is on top of the world!  She just won her first championship belt and feels invincible and even a little bit cocky!  Masked Man, a fellow wrestler comes up to congratulate her, as one of her main trainers, he thinks this is a great thing for her and even lightly suggests maybe a future match between them.  She, feeling like Superwoman states that he isn’t exactly the type of opponent for her, but he can be a sweetie and hold her belt for her.  She starts to walk away and an infuriated Masked Man thinks it’s time to humble this little bitch and slams her with her own belt from the back.  Poor Jezabel doesn’t know what hit her, or keeps hitting her.  Masked Man is on a rampage as he piledrives her on the hard concrete floor before tossing her in the ring and this male dom match is on!  She is exhausted from her championship win moments earlier but now is in a fight for her life!  Masked Man is unforgiving in his abuse as he stomps, slams and body busts her in various body bending submissions!  This beast sets her up for multiple piledrivers and a beat down she won’t soon forget.  He even decides to give her further humiliation by exposing her big fat ass before giving her a package piledriver. He taunts her, brutally fondles her body and humiliates our poor vulnerable champion in a physically abusive nightmare she won’t soon forget!  Download LGW’s 1440-Piledriver Humiliation – Male dom Mixed Wrestling and witness the battering of our favorite Latina cougar.

Time Limit ~ 11 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters