Jezabel does the crime, but can Athena make her do the time? New Female Wrestling match!

Hello Wrestling Fans,

In this new release, Jezabel Romo has a warrant out for her arrest, but can Athena Law actually make the arrest in 1444-Do the Crime, Not the Time – Female Wrestling!

1444-Do the Crime, Not the Time! – Female Wrestling

Jezabel Romo vs Athena Law

Latina bad ass Jezabel Romo is in the ring minding her own business when in walks Officer Athena Law!  She thinks if she goes undercover as a wrestler herself, she can serve up the arrest warrant and Jezabel will just surrender to her authority!  Now that was her first mistake….Jezabel is not planning on leaving the ring for a little tiny jail cell.  She will fight her way out if she has to…and damn if she doesn’t’ want too!  Now Athena makes her 2nd rookie midsstake in thinking she can take hardened criminal Jezabel on in a match…..poor lil law abiding Athena does’nt know what she is in for as Jezabel rips up the arrest warrant and takes the law into her own hands.  She starts down Athena and making her feel the pain all over her body with stomps, strikes and body crushing submission holds.  But Athena has pledged to uphold the law and tries desperately to fight back and get everything under control.  RIght now the only control is Jezabel Athena all over the damn ring and she has her own surprise for Athena at the end of this one sided !  Download LGWs 1444-DoThe Crime, Not the Time! – Female Wrestling and watch all the law breaking action!

Time Limit ~ 10 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters