Jezabel & Carmen battle for the Classy Ass Crown!

Hello Wrestling Fans!

Today we bring you a whole lotta ass in one featured match when Jezabel and Carmen meet in the ring for a challenge for the Crown and title in LGW’s 1414-Classy Ass Contest – Female Wrestling, a bout that ends in the loser getting humiliated and spanked by hand and hairbrush!!

1414-Classy Ass Contest- Female Wrestling

Jezabel Romo vs Carmen Valentina

There is no love lost between cougar Jezabel Romo and sexy up and comer Carmen Valentina.  Carmen can’t stand Jezabels uppity attitude or her old jiggly ass.  They both entered the Classy Ass Contest and Carmen thinks her not so old, firmer and bigger sexy ass should have won the contest, not Jezabel…she is too old for this contest!  There should be a damn age limit as far as Carmen is concerned!  But she just can’t let it go and decides to confront & challenge Jezabel for her crown!  They compare asses and hands down, each girl thinks they won!  Jezabel offers to fight for the crown and the loser gets spanked for further humiliation!  Carmen gladly accepts!  The fight is on!! Jezabel, the veteran of the duo, takes over instantly and overpowers Carmen.  But Carmen is no wilting rose, this bitch has thorns and is determined to win this bout!  The insults are hurled and the hands are ready for ass smacking!  There is a whole lotta of jiggly asses going on in this match, as eah bitch gets a bit more dirty and devious in their battle! Spanking, Scissors, long hair used as a breathtaking rope, crotch attacks, wediges and more!  These battling bitches will stop at nothing to win the crown!  But alas, there can only be one winner of the Classy Ass Crown and one spanked by hand and hairbrush!…who do think it will be?  Jezabel or Carmen?  Download LGW’s 1414-Classy Ass Contest – Female Wrestling and find out!

Time Limit ~ 13 min  / Format ~ MP4

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All matches fully scripted and are performed by trained professionals, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters and in compliance of 18 U.S.C. § 2257 regulations