Jezabel and Layla – 1553-Mayhem Over a Man – Topless Catfight

Happy Friday Sexy People!

Jezabel brings Layla back to ring in a match of jealousy, betrayal and just plain bitchiness in LGWs latest release 1553-Mayhem Over a Man – Topless Catfight.  If you love spanking, titties and sexy jiggly butt cheeks getting smacked…then this match is for you!

1553-Mayhem Over a Man – Topless Catfight

Featuring Jezabel Romo vs Luscious Layla

Jezabel and Layla are coming in after a long night of partying at the clubs.  Both girls have amazing memories of the night before and both girls got a number of a hot stud.  But upon comparing notes so to speak, they realize that they got the phone number of the exact same guy!  Oh hell NO!!! Both girls want the guy and soon start a catfight exposing each other jiggly tits and cute teeny little thongs.  Both bubbly butts are just begging to be spanked and these girls brutally go after each others tits and ass with squeezes, grabs, smack, spanks and more!  There is nothing more motivating to 2 sexy girls than fighting over the perfect man! Download LGW’s “ 1553-Mayhem Over a Man – Topless Catfight “ and watch all the mayhem that these chicas bring to the ring.

Time Limit ~ 12 min          Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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