Jennifers birthday wish is a Loser Gets Spanked match vs Agatha Delicious!

Hello Wrestling Fans!

Today is Jennifer Thomas’ birthday and she wants to celebrate.  Agatha Delicious makes her debut and plans to ruin Jennifers birthday by fighting the birthday girl in tiny bikinis in a Loser gets Spanked match in LGW’s 1424-Birthday Butt Spanking – Bikini Wrestling.

1424-Birthday Butt Spanking – Bikini Wrestling

Jennifer Thomas vs Agatha Delicious

Jennifer is minding her own business making plans for her big birthday celebration later in the evening.  Agatha saunters in full of sass and starts bullying Jennifer about her birthday and how fake she is…fake boobs, fake tan and more.  Jennifer at first blows this bitch off, but then gets fed up and starts defending herself.  Jennifer is not the type of girl to get bullied dammit!  She tells Agatha to put up or shut the fuck up and challenges her to a Loser Gets Spanked match.  Agatha agrees and Jennifer goes on the attack with a kick to Agathas exposed belly.  I dont’ think Agatha really knows who she is trying to bully, but Jennifer is a world renown pro wrestler, muscle girl and all around ass kicker.  Agatha tries to fight back, but Jennifer is having none of it and keeps Agatha on the defensive, puts her in a submission and starts smacking that ass!  Agatha uses her height and traps Jennifer in a head squeezing scissor hold, but that isnt stopping Jennifer, she refuses to bow down to this catty bikini clad bitch!  With nip slips and titties popping out of tiny bikini tops, these two sexy, sassy shecats really go at each other with a vengeance, but their can only be one winner… it seasoned veteran Jennifer getting her birthday wish, or does Agatha claim victory and give s Jennifer the Birthday spanking of her life?  Download LGW’s 1424-Birthday Butt Spanking – Bikini Wrestling and find out!

Time Limit ~ 12 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches fully scripted and are performed by trained professionals, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters