Jennifer Thomas Muscledoms a Man!

Jennifer Thomas Muscledoms a Man – Lift & Carry/Female Muscle
featuring Muscular Beauty Jennifer Thomas vs an Average Joe – Jennifer Thomas, looking all sexy in her workout gear is at the local gym trying to mind her own business and lift weights. But, as we all know, there is always that one jerk who thinks women are strong and can’t lift weights properly……he obviously hasn’t really taken a look at Jennifers tanned, toned and muscular beautiful body! They decide to have a little weigthlifting challenge starting with the Benchpress. Jennifer goes first and he trash talks the whole way thru. Though Miss Jennifer gets her revenge by giving him an impromptu headscissors duting his set! They proceed to Pull ups then as Jennifer dominates the challenge, decides to give him a taste of a woman lifting a man and carrying him around the ring…….leaving him completely at her mercy as she muscle dominates him in every category! Buy Lucha Girls Jennifer Thomas Muscledoms a Man” and watch a women prove that she is every bit as strong and powerful as a man!
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Jen Thomas muscle dominates an average Joe with Weightlifting and Lift & Carrys in Lucha Girls “Jennifer Thomas Muscledoms a Man!”