Jennifer “Mack Attack” Thomas challenges Jezabel “Raider” Romo in 1439-My Kinda Touchdown Beat down – Female Wrestling

Hey Wrestling Fans & Football Lovers!

This match feature the best in female pro wrestling and NFL Touchdown dances as Jennifer challenges the football loving Jezabel to a dance off wrestling in LGW’s 1439-My Kinda Touchdown Beat Down – Female Wrestling!

1439-My Kinda Touchdown Beat Down – Female Wrestling

Jennifer “The Mack Attack” Thomas vs Jezabel “Raider” Romo

Jezabel and Jennifer have had just about every kind of match from pro wrestling to tar and feathering and everything in between.  But nowadays, Jezabel has been on a football obsession and that’s just how Jennifer catches her in the ring and decides to play into Jezabels football fantasy.  Knowing that Jezabel is a Raider fan, she wears a Chicago Bears jersey since they just took one of the Raiders best players and that just pisses Jezabel off.  When she gets back to the ring, she sees Jezabel practicing her Touchdown dance and just has to make fun of this crazy Latina loca!She starts teasing her about her dance and tries to show Jezabel what a winners touchdown dance would be.  Well as always, these two hellcats can’t be in the same room without coming to blows…this football pride induced wrestling match begins!  Jennifer “Mack Attack” Thomas soon shows her superiority as she is fighting for the love of fighting while Jezabel is fighting with wounded pride.  Both girls know that fighting with emotion rather than mental strength is just plain dumb, but Jezabel can’t help it!  Jennifer is dominant through out this match, though Jezabel just won’t quit and keeps trying to fight back.  But like in football, at the end of the game there can only be one winning team.  Does Jennifer take the lead and keep it until the clock runs out, or does Jezabel make the historic comeback in the 2nd half and steal the win?  Find out in LGW”s 1439-My Kinda of Touchdown Beat Down – Female Wrestling

Time Limit ~ 8 min / Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters