Jennifer Gets her Revenge on Jezabel in 1432-Its Wedgie Time #3

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Jennifer Thomas is back and ready for her revenge on Jezabel and her devious, humiliating ways.  This match is full of wedgies, spankings and even a dirty toilet swirly!  Oh the embarrassment!  Download LGW’s 1432-Its Wedgie Time #3 – Jennifers Revenge and watch all the disgrace of Jezabel!

1432-Its Wedgie Time #3 – Jennifers Revenge!

Jennifer Thomas vs Jezabel Romo

A few months back, Jennifer reached the pinnacle of ultimate humiliation at the hands of the devious Jezabel.  She was brutally wedgied, beat down and even had her head shoved in a fucking toilet..all to Jezabel perverse delight.  But now Jennifer is back and ready to get her revenge on Jezabel.  Jezabel knows she is the target for the vengeful Jennifer, but cockily expects to claim victory again.  As she reminisces about her past match with Jennifer, she is attacked from the back by the muscular beauty.  This time the tables are turned and Jezabel will be Jennifer’s victim of humiliation.  She viciously wedgies Jezabel, who screams that her pussy lips are going to get ripped off by the power of the wedgie.  But Jennifer is not done, she is just getting started as she finds every which way to wedgie Jezabel,  even putting her over her knee and spanking her thong clad ass.  But the best is yet to come as she strong arms Jezabel, dragging her into the adjoining bathroom and shoves her head straight into the toilet, flushing and dragging Jezabels face all over the dirty toilet.  She even gleefully takes the plunger to Jezabels bent over ass and threatens to plunge Jezabel. Poor Jezabel just cries out, as she is not used to being on the receiving end of such embarrassing brutality!  But Jennifer is not done yet, she wants more, more humiliation, more mortifying shame, more of Jezabel begging her to stop.  She evens pulls out a lipstick and after locking Jezabel in a submissive position, writes “Bitch” across Jezabels fat ass.  How is Jezabel ever going to show her face again?  She is fully disgraced after this match, but does she stay down in shame or does she want her revenge on Jennifer?  Download LGW’s 1432-Its Wedgie Time #3 – Jennifers Revenge and find out!

Time Limit ~ 10 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters