Jennifer doms Jezabel in 1407-Boom Boom Pow Beat Down!

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Jennifer Thomas is about to Boom Boom Pow all over Jezabel with a femdom mindfucking pro wrestling beat down with a sensual fetishy twist!  Check out LGW’s 1407-Boom Boom Pow Beat Down – Female Pro Wrestling and watch Jezabel get just what she deserves!

1407-Boom Boom Pow Beat Down – Female Pro Wrestling

Jennifer Thomas vs Jezabel Romo

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Jezabel is in the ring and getting her workout on, all the while listening to some pretty groovy music!  Jennifer storms in and demands to know why Jezabel is playing her entrance music?!?  Jezabel comes up with various excuses, but none that Jennifer buys!  But since both beauties are in the ring & Jennifer is feeling somewhat frisky, she challenges Jezabel to a match, right here, right fucking now!  Both girls love to wrestle and manhandle their opponents, but Jennifer finally decides to fight dirty, just the way Jezabel has always done to her….time to mindfuck and our Latina cougar!  This match contains pro wrestling with a fetishy twist.  So if you like beat downs, grinding, facesits, stinkfaces, crotch attacks and damn, even a piledriver than this is the match for you!  Download LGW’s 1407-Boom Boom Pow Beat down – Female Pro Wrestling, grab a beer, sit back and enjoy all the femdom action as Jennifer finally gives Jezabel just what she deserves!  Our lovely muscular beauty is so vindictive that she even taunts Jezabel with a POV victory dance!  

Time Limit ~ 13 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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