Jennifer & Carmen get cheeky in 1404-Baring the Booty – Loser Spanked!

Hello Wrestling Fans,

Carmen and Jennifer meet in the ring once again and lets just say that butt cheeks and insults get thrown out all over the ring in LGW’s1404-Baring the Booty-Loser Spanked Match

1404-Baring the Booty – Loser Spanked!

Carmen Valentina vs Jennifer Thomas

Carmen and Jennifer have met and wrestled before and lets just say, the mistrust is very high in this match up.  Carmen accuses Jennifer of cheating, Jennifer just brushes that insult off and declares that she only does what she has to do to get the win!  They lock up and this match is under way….a Loser gets Spanked match! Now Jennifer may have more experience in the ring, but Carmen has the passion to win and does not like to give up!  Jennifer soon overpowers Carmen and starts the match with a couple of cute lil ass spanks to an indignant Carmen.  Carmen has a few tricks up her sleeve as well.  But Jennifer decides to turn this into an ass baring match as well as a spanking match.  Carmen is quite perturbed about her ass being bared and decides 2 can play this game and goes for a Jennifer ass baring move as well.  This match contains a whole lotta ass smacking,  headscissors, strikes, hairpulling, belly punching, kicks and just alot of butt cheeks abarin’, femdomming fun! If you like to witness 2 sexy bitches fight it out then this is the match for you! Download LGW’ 1404-Baring the Booty – Loser Spanked Wrestling and watch all the bitchy fun!

Time Limit ~ 10 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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