I Want A Rematch! – Mixed Wrestling

featuring Jennifer Thomas vs Bad Dude ~ Jennifer Thomas recently fought Bad Dude and would have won, had it not been for Bad Dudes trusty little sidekick Allie Parker running in and stomping Jennifer Thomas, giving Bad Dude the upper hand and unfortunately the victory over her!(see Women Wrestle Too! http://clips4sale.com/64431/13100942) Now Jennifer finds Bad Dude, alone in the ring and is determind to have a fair no Allie Parker interfering match! She challenges him and the match takes place. This time Jennifer is ready for Bad Dude, and applies some very inventive head scissors submissions, but is it enough to keep the Bad Dude down and out? Or does Bad Dude also have a few overpowering tricks up his sleeve for Ms Jennifer? Found out in Lucha Girls Wrestlings I Want a Rematch! – Mixed Wrestling
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Jennifer meets up with that arrogant Bad Dude once again in the Lucha Girls ring. This is a mixed pro wrestling match you can’t miss! Lucha Girls “I Want a Rematch – Mixed Wrestling”

You can order your very own match with Jennifer, Bad Dude or any of our talented, pro wrestling trained roster!  Be the booker and send us your match.  Lucha Girls can make all of your wrestling dreams come true!  Email Info@LuchaGirls.com today!