Husband Chasin’ Hussy!

featuring Jezabel Romo (the Wife) vs Lucky OShea (the Hussy) ~ Lucky and I have alot of history. I first met her when she came to my wrestling school 4 years ago. We have exited and entered each others lives thru various training and wrestling shows. Lately, she has been off the radar, but I kept hearing a lil rumor that she tried to take my man! The nerve of this little chit! After I have taken her under my veteran wing and tried to mold her into a good girl…not a ring rat!!! So now its my time to confront her about these lil tidbits of info I keep hearing about! So I have her in my ring, begging for mercy, but I have no mercy for a dishonest hussy! I mean to break not only her wrestling spirit but I want to break her!!! By any means necessary. In this match, I throw her, I stomp, stretch, and beat her. You may have seen or heard of the Garvin Stomp, but I just showed Lucky the Jeza-Stomp all over her lily white smooth skin. I will show her what its like to fuck with a Latina’s husband!  Buy Husband Chasin’ Hussy! and watch the destruction of that lil rat Lucky OShea!
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Jezabel beatsdown Lucky for being a Husband Chasin’ Hussy! at Lucha Girls Wrestling

Both Jezabel Romo and Lucky OShea are pro trained wrestlers.  Available for Pro Style, Catfight, Boxing, Fetish/Fantasy Matches, as well as semi-nude matches.  Here is your chance to be the Booker and let us fulfill all of your fighting fantasies!  To book either sexy fighter, email Lucha Girls headquarters at INFO@LUCHAGIRLS.COM  Subject Line:  Book a match