Humiliation of Mandy Rose

Humiliation of Mandy Rose -Stripdown – Directors Cut
featuring Jezabel Romo as the Masked La Sancha vs Mandy Rose ~ Mandy is fairly new at Lucha Girls Wrestling and has only wrestled in pro style matches. Well here we have a pro style match with a fetish twist! A Stripdown twist! Mandy is challenging the masked La Sancha (Jezabel Romo) and states rather confidently when she is done she will have La Sancha unmasked, stripdown and beaten! Little does she know that the latina La Sancha/Jezabel is a vet eran at this type of brutality and is ready for the challenge. They start off fair, then the big bad ass Mandy starts to dominate and stripdown Jezabel, weakening her with a throat crushing standing Dragon Sleeper and easily stripping her down to her sexy tiny sequined thong! But Jezabel is a survivor and when the masks gets shed, Mandy also unleashes Jezabel’s Latina temper and she takes over brutality Mandy and not only striking her with stomps, crotch shots, kicks, Stinkfaces and chops, she also dominates the Sexy BBW with the ultimate humiliation….Buy Lucha Girls Humiliation of Mandy Rose and see poor Mandy stripped down to her glorious birthday suit!!!
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Lucha Girls Wrestling presents The Humiliation of Mandy Rose, a Stripdown story!


Mandy and La Sancha lock up in a Test of Strength!


La Sancha is trapped inside the gripping thighs of BBW Mandy Rose!


La Sancha gets her throat damn near crushed by the powerful foot of Mandy Rose!


La Sancha locks in a painful back breaking submission on Mandy Rose!


Time to go nighty night Mandy, as Jezabel locks in a Standing Dragon Sleeper…..

Both La Sancha (Jezabel Romo) and Mandy Rose are professionally trained pro wrestlers.  If you have a match that you fantasize about these sexy females fighting for you, then send us your script and let Lucha Girls make your fantasy a reality!  Email us at