Hey Piledriver Lovers – This match is for you! 1008R Piledriver Perversions #5 feat Lucky vs Jezabel

Good Evening Wrestling Fans!

Its Piledriver time at Lucha Girls once again, as Jezabel confronts the mysterious Terri.  She not only keeps the shorts but gives Terri a multiple piledriving she will not soon forget in LGWs 1008R-Piledriver Perversions #5 – Whose Shorts?  My Shorts! If you love girls piledriving girls then this is the series for you.

1008R-Piledriver Perversion #5 – Whose Shorts?  MY Shorts!

Lucky “Terri” O’Shea vs Jezabel Romo

In this continuing Piledriver saga, Jezabel is finally facing the mysterious Terri, Jennifer’s love interest. You see, Jezabel has had a few matches where she tried to convince Jennifer that she really wants her, but Jennifer steadfastly denies this fact! After the final match with Jennifer, Jezabel learns of Terri. On this day, Jezabel tricks Terri into coming to the dojo to pick up Jennifers shorts and in order to get the shorts back, agrees to a match. Little does Terri know that Jezabel spiked her drink and though a bit groggy and wobbily, the match begins!! Poor Terri does’nt know what hits her as Jezabel gives her multiple piledrivers, a rack, back breakers and more on top of groping and feeling up the poor loopy girl. She tries to fight Jezabel off, but in the end gets beaten into oblivion and the shorts ripped off! Buy 1008R-Piledriver Perversions #5 – Whose Shorts?  MY Shorts! and watch the piledriving destruction of Terri

Time Limit ~ 14 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters