Hey Bellypunch Lovers – New 1468-Bound Bitch Belly Punch!!

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Jezabel find herself in quite the vulnerable spot when she is held hostage in the warehouse of a Masked Mans obsession of her belly in LGW’s 1468-Bound Bitch Belly Punch – Male dom Belly Beat Down!

1468-Bound Bitch Belly Punch – Male Dom Belly Beat Down!

Jezabel Romo vs Masked Man

Jezabel Romo is trying her hand at a new career and agrees to meet her client at his warehouse.  She arrives on time…to an empty warehouse.  Perturbed, Jezabel checks the address and calls out to see if anyone is there?  So engrossed in her own thoughts she doesnt realize that she is not alone.  A large Masked Man creeps up behind her and ATTACKS!!  Jezabel struggles but is left out of it on the floor.  She awakens to find herself stripped of her cute red business suit and is left literally hanging, bound spread eagle by her outstretched arms in her bra and thong panty!  She tries to scream out, but her mouth is gagged as well!  She starts to panic when she sees her attacker for the first time!  He stalks his prey, rubbing and caressing her soft, vulnerable belly.  Suddenly he strikes in the first of many punches, grabs and claws to her stomach.  Poor Jezabel’s cries out but her muffled mouth will not allow anyone to hear here and come to her rescue.  Suddenly this Masked brute wants more of Jezabels flesh and unclasps her bra, leaving her even more exposed to his abuse.  And this man loves to abuse her belly….repeated slaps, punches and caresses to Jezabels ever reddening belly.  BUt how much can Jezabel take from this Mad Mans fury?  Download LGW’s 1468-Bound Bitch Belly Punch – Male Dom Belly Beat Down and find out!

Time Limit  ~ 7 min / Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters