Headscissor !

Headscissor – Mutiny Dominates Jezabel
featuring Canadian Beauty Mutiny vs Latina Jezabel Romo ~ Jezabel must have really pissed off Mutiny!! Right from the beginning, Mutiny drags Jezabel into the room and throws her towards a lone chair. With no hesitation, she sits int he chair and grabs Jezabel by the hair and puts in the first of many brain squeezing headscissors! In front of the chair, sprawled across the chair, any which way Mutiny can think of to crush the breathe out of Jezabel stuck between her powerful muscular thighs! Poor Jezabel. Buy Lucha Girls Headscissor – Mutiny Dominates Jezabel” and watch as Jezabel fights for every bit of air between Mutinys luscious legs as she berates Jezabel in the beautiful French language!
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Mutiny takes her wrath out on Jezabel by finding various ways to squeezing her beautiful head between Mutiny’s sexy muscular thighs in Lucha Girls Wrestling “Headscissor – Mutiny Dominates Jezabel”

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