Harem Girl? Hell NO!

Harem Girl? Hell NO!!! Mandy Rose vs Omar the Arrogant
Featuring Bodacious Beauty Mandy Rose vs Omar the Arrogant ~ This is a femdom ass dropping .  In this bout, Mandy Rose, our big beautiful fighter is back in the ring, getting ready for her next bout! In walks the lanky and scrawny Omar the Arraogant. He is here, searching the world over for more girls for his harem. He lusts after Mandy, instantly insulting her by stating that her name is now Blue Hair and perfect for his harem. Mandy takes a moment to absorb all of this and is instantly filled with revulsion of this puny man and his lustful thoughts….really she thinks, a Harem Girl? Hell No, she is not accepting of any of this and proceeds to show him just how insulted she is. She basically beats the hell of out of poor Omar. Splashes, smothers, slams, and more are viciously executed on his poor useless body. This girl has a big beautiful bouncy butt and knows how to use it!! In the end, Mandy may not be Omar’s harem girl, but Omar sure becomes Mandy’s bitch!
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