Happy Valentines Day xoxo

Greetings Fans & Friends!

We here at Lucha Girls Wrestling want to wish you a very Happy and Satisfying Valentines Day.  

Hope you day is filled with love, passion and of course, fun loving beatdowns!


The Lucha Girls xoxo


Happy Valentines Day xoxo


In honor of this horny holiday, here is a list of our Bedroom Brawls

Bedroom Brawls #1 – Jezabel vs Kaos http://clips4sale.com/47421/6749825 

Bedroom Brawls #2 feat Jezabel vs Joey  http://clips4sale.com/47421/6850363 

Bedroom Brawls 3 – Jezabel vs The MASKED INTRUDER!! http://clips4sale.com/47421/7001527

Bedroom Brawls 4: Morning After  http:// clips4sale.com/64431/11985389

 Bedroom Brawls 5 – Winner Gets YOU!!! – Jezabel vs Lucky http://clips4sale.com/47421/12070677