Greetings from Lucha Girls!

Greetings from Lucha Girls!

Happy Holidays and New Year!

We here at Lucha Girls are very excited about the upcoming year and plans we have for you, our fan, in 2015!

Firstly we are planning on running Live Shows in Los Angeles, CA featuring such talent as Jezabel Romo, Lucky OShea, Mandy Rose, Allie Parker, Jennifer Thomas and more!   

We are also gearing up for the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, NV on Jan 21-25, 2015.  Representing Lucha Girls we have LG owner/talent Jezabel Romo, Lucky OShea and Amo Morbia. They will all be at the expo, as well as taking bookings for Customs, Sessions and Fetish shoots!



Speaking of customs and sessions, there are a few Rules of Etiquette that should always be followed by all parties!

  1. Always be freshly showered and deodorized.  That should go without saying but after 14 years in the wrestling business, you would be surprised how people do not smell their own personal funk.  The funk that unfortunately the rest of us smell! Whether you are a wrestler booked in a custom match or a client seeking a private wrestling session.  If my face is going to be locked in a scissorhold, I do not want to pass out from “Private Parts” fumes, nor do I want to be in a headlock under a putrid pit!  This applies to your clothing and gear as well.  No one wants to wrestle someone who has clothes that can walk themselves to the laundry! (Psst….most of my gagging that takes place in a match, is due to this, not fun!)
  2. Show up on time!  That is a personal pet peeve of mine!  If you book the match at 12pm, then be there by 1145 and ring ready by 12pm!  Do not show up at 12 and then state you need 30 minutes to get ready!  And leave the drama at the door.  A negative attitude makes for a very shitty match. And a 15 minute match shouldn’t take an hour and a half to shoot!  Even though wrestling is a fun sport to do, it is still a job.
  3. Once the pay rate is agreed upon and monies sent, please do not keep asking for more content, add-ons etc.  A confirmation of rate, is just that, a comfirmation.  What was agreed upon before the monies are paid is what the match will consist of.  Personally I can’t stand when after the match and price are agreed upon, funds sent, all of a sudden you forgot half a script of things the match NEEDS to have.  
  4. For sessions, please remember that there is an air of danger around meeting, you, the client, for the first time.  Its not like we can do background checks on you. So if we ask questions and for references, please do not take offense.  Safety first is a rule of thumb in this business!  
  5. Most of the time, we will ask for a deposit at the beginning.  There are a lot of flakes in this business and though we know to expect a 50/50 chance of you showing up, time is money, so business women we must be! The more we session with you the more trust is built up and we will usually quit asking for a deposit.
  6. In correspondence and arranging a session (or custom), please be upfront on what exactly you desire in this session.  It makes for a very uncomfortable session when you expect something out of the ordinary or state that you thought “pussy grabbing was ok since we are wrestling” as you have a handful of my crotch and I am about to kick you in the face!
  7. Give feedback, whether you ordered a custom or we wrestled a session.  For one thing, positive or negative feedback lets us know what you think and if room for improvement is needed, let us know.  I would rather hear it from you than read it on a message board.  Nobody is perfect, but why not strive for it, right?
  8. ATTN:  Customs Wrestlers, Do Not Step in My Fucking Ring looking like you just rolled out of bed.  If you send me a glammed up pic to promote you with, that is what the customer expects and what we, the producers, are paying you to look like.  I can’t stand getting angry, yet well justified complaints from the customer on what a big difference there is in your appearance!  If you do not want to glam up for matches, that is fine too, but please, use a realistic pic to promote with. (Sorry, that was a bit of a pet peeve rant for me)


With all the ranting being said LOL, I must say that I love to wrestle!  Whether its in a scripted custom pro style match ordered by you or wrestling you in a semi competitive submission grappling match, I love my career!  Let’s just say that it tames the hot tempered Latina shrew in me!

But I must say, that I cannot and do not run Lucha Girls alone!  I have an awesome stable of wrestlers on the LG roster.  Introducing some of our pro trained talent:

The Irresistible Irish Lass Lucky OShea


Lucky OShea is a pro wrestler out of Los Angeles, CA.  She is also the most popular fighters, as people just can’t get enough of watching her take a !  She is a fiery Irish Lass who can be nice and sweet as can be or lash out and be a hell cat!  She is always available to step into the Lucha Girls ring and fight, whether it be another female or male.  She is also an exclusive mixed wrestling talent, in other words, if you want to see her fight a man, it can only be done at Lucha Girls Wrestling!


For one of her latest Lucha Girls matches, check out

Bikini Bitch – 2 on 1 Pro Style Catfight


Check out all of this sexy lasses matches here ~










The Sassy & Sexy Allie Parker


Little Miss Sexy & Sassy Allie Parker is well known on the indy wrestling circuit and has recently stepped in the Lucha Girls ring.  She may look all sweet & girl next door like, but she can definitely hold her own and knows what it takes to survive in the ring!  Also, this girl can take a hell of a !  


Her latest match was a Piledriving Punishment at the hands of a Masked Man in

The Assassination of Allie Parker


Or check out all of this Sexy Sweetheart’s matches at









Muscular Sophisticate Jennifer Thomas


Jennifer Thomas is a veteran in the Fantasy Wrestling industry.  She is known for her beautifully sculpted hard body and prowess in the ring, whether it be a pro style match or a catfight, this girl is a force to be reckoned with in any style!  Beauty & brains in one tanned and toned package, what more can you ask for?


One of her more memorable matches at Lucha Girls was versus Jezabel Romo in a

Loser Gets Tarred and Feathered


Browse thru her matches at








Brooklyn Bad Ass NY Nikki



Every company needs to have a bad ass with a bad attitude and we found that in the sexy, yet very straight forward New York Nikki.  This girl brings Brooklyn into the ring every time she graces it with her sexy arrogance!  She is a pro trained wrestler as well as a fitness & gym junkie!  My advice to you, leave the Jim’s Burgers at home when dealing with this one!


Check out one of her more memorable matches at Lucha Girls ~

Nikki aka Vicky Pink vs La Sancha – Excellent Pro Match








The Vivacious & Voluptuous BBW Mandy Rose


Mandy Rose is our beloved vivacious and voluptuous BBW.  This girls knows her way around the ring and is also a pro wrestler on the indy circuit!  She can either be a cute and saucy babyface or be a big and beautiful bad ass kicking anyones ass who gets in the way!


Check out one of her latest matches at Lucha Girls!

The Humiliation of Mandy Rose – Stripdown


Or find all of her matches, Girl vs Girl and Mixed Wrestling at










Hot tempered Latina Jezabel Romo


Jezabel Romo is not only one of our more sought after talent, she is also the owner of Lucha Girls!  She has worked in the Pro Wrestling industry for over 13+ years.  Though she may be a touch older than the other talent, this cougar can still hang and bang with the best of them – whether male or female fighters!  She is known for her ruthless viciousness in the ring as well knowing how to take a .  She is a no nonsense fighter and likes to win by any means necessary!


Check out her action in Lucha Girls Broke Back Bitch! – Pro Style Match

Jezabel Romo vs Allie Parker


Or see all of her matches, Pro style, Mixed Wrestling, Fetish wrestling and more at








We also have Hot Male Talent for hire


On top of having a full roster of the sexiest and sassiest of pro trained female fighters, we also hire male talent off of the pro wrestling circuit such as the Masked Man (pic above).  Our wrestlers all are pro trained to give and take the most of beatdowns.  With such popularity of pro trained talent, we have the nitch in piledriver matches, crotch attacks and mixed pro fighting in the fantasy/fetish wrestling industry.

Whether you want to be the booker of your very own dream match or want to be a wrestler for a few hours yourself, we have the best quality of customs and sessions on the West Coast!  For more information check out our website at or simply email Jezabel at  She loves to interact with our fans and friends!














Check out a complimentary match of a belly by Jezabel Romo vs NYKO Nikki by clicking on this link: