Grappling Gals!

featuring Sexy Cougar Jezabel Romo vs Sassy Irish Lass Lucky OShea ~Jezabel and Lucky have a very competitive love-hate type of relationship here at Lucha Girls Wrestling and are always trying to one up each other. They decide that since they are pretty fairly comparable in pro wrestling, to try their competitive hands at traditional no strikes allowed grappling! In Round 1, they square off and try to size each other up. It seems pretty fair at first, but slowly one of these hot wrestling babes starts to get the upper hand and makes the other tap out! Round 2, Jezabel is ready to take on Lucky again, who is still somewhat pissed that she tapped the first round. the final round for this grappling contest between Jezabel and Lucky! Round 3, they each have won a round, but now each girl is determind to win this final round, by any means necessary!. There is a 20 year age difference in this match up between Luckys youth and energy and Jezabels strength and stamina! Buy Grappling Gals! now and see who wins (and who loses) by out and watch these 2 competitors with a 20 year age difference go at each other old school submission grappling style!
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Grappling Gals – Jezabel Romo vs Lucky OShea

Both Jezabel Romo and Lucky OShea are pro trained wrestlers.  Available for Pro Style, Catfight, Boxing, Fetish/Fantasy Matches, as well as semi-nude matches.  Here is your chance to be the Booker and let us fulfill all of your fighting fantasies!  To book either sexy fighter, email Lucha Girls headquarters at INFO@LUCHAGIRLS.COM  Subject Line:  Book a match