Girls of February – We Want to fight for you!

Hello Lucha Girls Fans!

We have 2 big shoots in this month, just for you and a whole lotta of sexy girls who want to fight for you? Pick your fighters, send in your script w/ time limit and we will make it happen! You are the booker of your very own match.

Fighters available for February 18, 2020 is – Jezabel Romo, Jennifer Thomas, Vivi Veracruz and guest talent Carmen Valentina and Riley Reyes, making her Lucha Girls debut!! Mixed Wrestling matches are available too!


Fighters available for Feb 29 – Mar 1 shoot are – Jezabel Romo is heading to Modest Moms Wrestling ring and challenging Alexandria Hamilton, Lizzie Hamilton, Athena Law and Sugar – who do you want to see wrestle?


Matches starting at $200 for 10 minutes. What match do you want to see? Payment accepted via Paypal. Matches will be sent within 2 business days of shoot date.