Get to know Crystal Clark – A Lucha Girl Original!

Greetings Beautiful People!

I was thinking about what can make Lucha Girls better and more fan friendly? I know we have awesome matches and an exciting upcoming Las Vegas shoot. But I also realized that other than our in ring work, you don’t really know jack shit about any of our talent. So with that being said, we decided to formally introduce you to one of our original Lucha Girls. Without her, we wouldn’t have a lot of our early library of titillating matches!

Introducing, formerly known as Indy Pro Wrestling Superstar (and Santino Bros Wrestling alumni) Lucky O’Shea, we bring you Adult Film Star Crystal Clark! This sassy Irish lassie definitely knows her way around the ring. Whether she roleplays a sweet innocent girl next door type getting beat down or being a bully bitch giving a pro style beat down, Crystal knows how o bring your matches to a seriously fetishy sexy reality!

We sat down with Crystal for a little Q & A ~

1. Why do you love wrestling?-“Why do I love wrestling? Well, the simple short answer is because I grew up watching it like so many others; but I think my true love for wrestling comes from my own love for physical challenges. Wrestling itself is a physical challenge to both opponents.”

2.  If you couldn’t wrestle, what would you be doing?-“If I couldn’t wrestle, my life wouldnt be a lot different. I only wrestle part time these days but I started wrestling really young, and gave up a lot to pursue it which lead me to the career I have now. I am very grateful for the life I have and amazing opportunities I’ve had but I definitely think I would have taken a different path to get here had it not been for wrestling.So I’d probably be doing the same thing I am now lol”

3.  How did you get in the Custom Wrestling business?-“I got into the custom wrestling business via learning about it thru some XXX models who knew I did pro wrestling but was also starting to do topless and nude modeling, so they thought it would be a good combo and bam! It was! Hahaha”

4.  What is your biggest pet peeve in Customs Wrestling?-“My biggest pet peeve in custom wrestling, is how half assed some of the pro wrestlers take it. They act like because it’s customs they don’t have to take the match seriously and or give it 100% and that irks me alot. It shouldn’t matter if it’s in front of thousands of people or just a camera, don’t half ass your work.”

5.  What is your favorite match style?-“My favorite match style is Lucha libre. But generally we don’t do a lot of that in customs hahaha so if it’s per customs style I’m going to say a good old fashion cat fight!!”

6.  What is your favorite move?-“My favorite move is the head scissor leg lock. I love choking bitches out hehehe”

7.  Do you prefer wrestling men or women and why?-“Do I prefer wrestling me or women? I generally prefer wrestling women. Most of my serious injuries in the ring have occurred due to wrestling men.”

8.  What are your hobbies outside of wrestling?-“What are my hobbies outside of wrestling? Hmmm well, I love to workout and go on hikes, I’m a nature lover and have a HUGE obsession with water. So anything outdoors and watery is my thing. I also really enjoy cooking, baking, video games and most importantly spending time with my son.”

9. What is your perfect date?-“My perfect date would have to be a destination date somewhere on a beach with a lot of good fruit and chocolate.”

10.  If you could help one cause in this world, what would it be?-“If I could help one cause in this world it would be to help all children in need of food, shelter, medical, and love. I’m always saying if I won the lottery I’d donate every penny to helping kids around the world.”

If you want to crush more on this sexy lucky chica named Crystal, check out her Onlyfans page!

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