Exclusively on LGW – 1560-Wedgie Me Stinkface You – 2on1 Stinkface Wrestling

Good Evening Lucha Girls Lovers!

For you stinkface, wedgie and ass smacking lovers out there, this one is for you.  Jezabel gets the tables turned on her in this fun loving yet cat fight wrestling match by Jennifer Thomas and visiting talent Luscious Layla….check it out!

1560-Wedgie Me Stinkface You – 2 on 1 Stinkface Wrestling

feat Jezabel Romo vs Jennifer Thomas & Luscious Layla

Jezabel is trying to get in shape and a couple of the Lucha Girls decided to join her on what should be an easy workout.  Afterall, Jezabel is a older cougar and probably can’t’ keep up with the tanned toned girls like Jennifer Thomas and Luscious Layla.  But Jezabel knows her limits and how to control the younger girls! Jezabel is tired of their complaints on ass workout day and tells them to either keep squatting or fight each other and the loser gets to be a member of the Jezabel Romo Kiss My Ass Club!  The catfight begins and both girls attack each other with wedgie, ass smacks and pretty much anything they can do to get the upper hand. Jezabel, of course, manipulates the girls to keep them fighting. Jennifer and Layla are in a serious catfight wrestling match and soon strip each other to their bra and panties much to Jezabel’s delight! She even jumps into to join the melee and deliver a few smacks, wedgies and crotch attacks! Time to make the girls kiss ass and even a forced stinkface is delivered to one of the losers! But the girls finally smarten up and realize that its the two of them against one old bitch!  They go on the attack and give Jezabel a taste of her own fucked up medicine! They ass smack, humiliate and stinkface the hell out of the veteran fighter! She tries to fight back but the girls are determined to get their comeuppance! Even giving Jezabel a Double Ass Stinkface……oh my! Download LGW’s “ 1560-Wedgie Me Stinkface You – 2 on 1 Stinkface Wrestling

Time Limit ~ 12 min                    Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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