Exclusively at LGW – 1561-Battle of the Native Beauties

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Todays release features Sexy Pro Wrestlers Allie Parker and Desi Derata.  Both have Native American backgrounds and meet in the ring to battle it out for their respective tribes.

1561-Battle of the Native Beauties – Female Pro Wrestling

feat Allie Parker vs Desi Derata

Though they come from differing rival, tribes of the plains and deserts, these 2 Native American princesses come together not to smoke the peace pipe, but to claim supremacy for their feuding tribes.  No talking, no nonsense, just wrestling. Princess Desi displays her underhanded tactics by attacking Princess Allie when her back it turned and proceeds to (wo)manhandle her opponent all over the ring with a fierceness in her eye.  She uses her towering height over the smaller fighter and stomps her painfully before picking her up for more punishment. Even using the ropes to hold Princess Allie for more punishment. Princess Allie doesn’t stand a chance and screams and gasps for mercy, begging NO NO NO!  Princess Desi is relentless in her pursuit to claim victory and cause as much body damage as she can. Even thanking the Gods above for this heinous victory. Download LGW’s 1561-Battle of the Native Beauties – Female Pro Wrestling and watch this awesome battle between 2 Native Princesses.

Customer review –

I was very impressed with the match having a gimmick and still providing a good match, with wrestling moves, lots of body and head shots/chops, hairstyling and rope work.  I love how Desi gave no quarter and kept up the pace of the match concentrating on destroying her Indian Princess opponent.  That final move at the end and pin were a perfect cap!  It was like seeing a dark Indian spirit come up from the depths to punish the living Indian princess. Great Heel and Jobber match!  Keep it up ladies!

Time Limit ~ 11 min                     Format ~ MP4

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