Dom has a Camel Clutchin good time all over Delilah’s body!

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Delilah may have talked trash about the wrong guy when Dom enters the ring and confronts her.  He feels its time to give a Camel Clutch infused in LGW’s 1403-Camel Clutch Cravings – Mixed Wrestling

1403-Camel Clutch Cravings! – Mixed Wrestling

Delilah Doom vs Dominic Kubrick

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Delilah is in the ring minding her own business and is confronted by Dominic.  He accuses her of talking trash about him and saying that she doesn’t really like him.  Now that just doesn’t sit right with Mr Kubrick.  She tries to BS her way out of the conversation by damn near mocking him in her overzealous denial of such wrongdoing, but that just insults Dom’s ego.  Delilah tries to just do a fist bump and end this uncomfortable conversation, but Dom has other plans.  Time to break this mouthy bitch!  He goes on the attack and poor Delilah doesn’t know what hits her!  He beats her down to the mat and calls her out for being a lying bitch, but he is nowhere near done with perky Ms Doomie!  He is going to make her pay with her cute, sassy lil body.  Breaking and domming her all over the fucking ring!  And her punishment starts now.  This match contains total action against one helpless vulnerable petite girl. It soon becomes apparent that his favorite body bending move is every form of camel clutch he can viciously think of.  All the while reminding her that she is nothing but a helpless little wrestler that can’t handle the likes of Mr Dominic Kubrick.  Every time she tries to fight back it just macabrely turns him on more.  He just loves a feisty female to reign supreme over! If you love a one sided fight, than this is the match for you!  Download LGW’s 1403-Camel Clutch Cravings – Mixed Wrestling and watch all the man vs woman action!

Time Limit ~ 14 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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