Deadly DDT Challenge

A Deadly DDT Challenge – Jezabel Romo vs a Bad Dude
featuring Jezabel Romo vs A Bad Dude ~ Jezabel is feeling pretty cocky as of late, she has been winning her matches and laying the all over town! Now she faces one Bad Dude pro wrestler she has never been in the ring with! She is a bit over confident and sassy when she faces the big brute. She lets her mouth set the tone of the match by reminding him that he recently lost his title belt. He proceeds to challenge her to a DDT match – let the best fighter win! She agrees, and in typical Jezabel fashion, starts off with a boot to his belly and a quick DDT! But does he stay down or does he get up and beat the heck out of our saucy Cougar? Buy now and watch who wins this battle of the sexes wrestling match!
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