Danny challenges Doug in Battle of the Man Bods 4 – Mens Pro Wrestling!

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Douglas James is back in his tiny trunks and ready to battle his next opponent.  Danny Limelight is making his LGW debut and is determined to mindfuck and gain superiority over Doug in LGWs 1453-Battle of the Man Bods 4 – Douglas vs Danny.

1453-Battle of the Man Bods 4 – Douglas vs Danny

Douglas James vs Danny Limelight

Studly Douglas James is a proven contender in the Battle of the Man Bod series and today he faces and tries to break in a new guy, lean, yet muscular tattoo covered Danny Limelight.  Danny sees Doug in the ring trying to get his workout on.  He clowns him for his pure unmarked body and after verbally bullying his a bit, just gos for it and pantses Doug, exposing his bright lime green teeny tiny trunks, (even though Danny is wearing the same thing,but in blue).  Both men have awesome wrestling abilities and the drive to be the winner.  But where Doug is a serious no nonsense wrestler, Danny is one of the annoyingly talkative smart ass type of wrestler.  He uses his words as well as his wrestling ability to mind fuck and keep his opponent on his toes.  Such is the case today when these 2 sexy studs meet in the ring.  Size wise they match up perfectly, but Danny has a way of getting under his opponents skin.  The match starts out fair enough, each guy sizing the other up, but Douglas just can’t seem to gain superiority over Danny. Danny appears to just be toying with Doug as he manhandles him into various submissions and even shows more domiinance by giving him repeated nipple clenching titty twisters…damn that hurts!  Danny fights dirty, but Doug is no novice and fights back.  But in the end there can only be 1 winner…who do you think will domiinate & claim the victory?  Doug the serious game faced wrestlers or Danny the smart ass, don’t take anything serious type of wrestler?  Download LGW’s 1453-Battle of the Man Bods 4 – Douglas vs Danny and find out!

Time Limit ~ 7 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters