Damsels Dont Dominate!

featuring Jezabel Romo vs Allie Parker ~ A battle between the owner and talent at Lucha Girls Wrestling! Allie Parker is trying to get out of her contract and demands a meeting with Lucha Girls owner Jezabel. Now Jezabel, a cougar aged and hating it type of control freak loved to bully the more toned fresh face talent of her company, agrees to a meeting the little pest Allie. Allie states she is tired of getting booked in matches that only humiliate her and embarass her to be posted everywhere. She is sick of being dominated and bullied by stinkfaces, facesits and in general! This is not what she signed up for dammit!! Jezabel laughs in her face, saying that she is not going to let one of her top sellers go as long as she is making money off her humiliation! This infuriates Allie who decides that if she is done being dominated and attacks Jezabel. Now Allie being the gulliable Damsel in that she is, is not too familiar with and though she attempts to humiliate Jezabel with facesitting, stinkfaces and forced foot smothering, she doesnt quite manage the part. Jezabel shakes off the lethargy and decides to show this little bitch just what a face sit, stinkface and foot worship really are!!! She nails and smothers poor Allies face with her crotch and humiliating stinkfaces, even shoving the feet in poor Allie’s face, forcing her mouth open as well. But Allie is done with this hell and nails Jezabel with a devastating DDT and shows her what a fast learner she can be. Poor Jezabel doesn’t know what hit her by the time Allie is done with her “Fuck you Boss Bitch” new attitude!! Buy Damsels Dont Dominate! and watch Allies newfound confidence grow!
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Contract Negotiations are underway in Damsels Dont Dominate!


Allie goes for the stinkface on the boss!


Jezabel really does not like feet in her face! Ewww!!!


Looks like Allie is starting to get the hang of facesitting!

Both Jezabel Romo and Allie Parker are pro trained wrestlers.  Available for Pro Style, Catfight, Boxing, Fetish/Fantasy Matches, as well as semi-nude matches.  Here is your chance to be the Booker and let us fulfill all of your fighting fantasies!  To book either sexy fighter, email Lucha Girls headquarters at INFO@LUCHAGIRLS.COM  Subject Line:  Book a match