Cute Sex Kitten Riley Reyes just challenged Latina Cougar Jezabel to a match….oh Damn!

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Why do younger girls always want to challenge the “washed up” cougars?  Don’t they know that they never stand a chance?  This is the tale of cute porn star Riley Reyes challenging veteran Jezabel Romo to a generational ass kicking in 1382-Cougar vs Kitten – Fantasy Female Wrestling

1382- Cougar vs Kitten – Fantasy Female Wrestling

Jezabel Romo vs Riley Reyes

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So it was a beautiful day for wrestling and I was minding my own, not bothering any bitch or body, getting my stretch on.  You know what its like, sometimes it just feels good to stretch them old bones, right?  Well thats how I was feeling when suddenly a cute ponytailed blonde walks up, sweet looking girl, but as soon as she open her mouth, I could tell she was just another bitch in my ring!  I know I am only 5 ft tall, but to say that I don’t look too tough?  Who does this bitch think she is?  Now she has my full Latina tempered attention!  I demand to know who she is and what in the fuck is she doing in my ring?  Her response was typical of this entitled younger generation……I think I can beat you since you are old and washed up…blah blah blah bitch! Like I haven’t heard that one before! Time for another generational ass kicking to just show this little chit that the older are always more experienced, more aggressive and definitely tougher!  So the match starts and Holy Guacamole, this little puta knows a thing or 2 about wrestling, she just might be a contender!  She might have studied up on her wrestling, but I live it every damn day!  There is no way she is going to school me in my own ring.   I cut her off and give her a taste of what its like to be in the ring with a veteran.  After a few kicks to the belly, I flip her to the mat for a bit of ground and pound, straight to her 1 piece thong covered pussy!  Add a few wedgies and ass smacking to her sweet perky cheeks, I think she realized I was the wrong cougar to fuck with!  Now its time to teach this little bitch a lesson in how to respect your elders……I start with putting her in various submission holds, giving her some stomps, you know, just enough to show her that this is not all sexy cute fun and games.  Well and its just fun to hurt her vulnerable toned sexy body, I must admit!  But after domming and toying with her for a while, I realize that all good things come to an end…….when the cougars prey just doesnt want to play anymore. And with cute porn star Riley Reyes, that is just what happened.  Oh well, I guess I will wait for the next one….1382-Cougar vs Kitten – Fantasy Female Wrestling

Time Limit ~ 8 min / Format ~ MP4

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