Crystal challenges Jolene to a Loser Gets Spanked Match!

Hello Catfight Lovers!

Crystal is back and is ready to be the ass kicker for once!  She is tired of getting her ass kicked, slapped & spanked! She is ready to win!  Jolene Hexx is quite so convinced that Crystal has what it takes in 1399-I Want to Smack that Ass – Loser Spanked – and did we mention this is a teeny tiny thong bikini type of match?

1399-I Want to Smack that Ass – Loser Spanked

Crystal Clark vs Jolene Hexx

Sale Price – $10.99

Crystal is back, clad in a teeny tiny red thong bikini and she is seeing red, that is for damn sure!  She is furious and is ranting about how she is tired of getting her ass spanked, slapped and generally of just getting her ass kicked!  Now is the time it ends, she is going to finally be the ass kicker, not the ass kickee!  Jolene Hexx saunters up with a no nonsense type of attitude and gladly accepts this challenge from this spoiled little brat!  And wouldn’t you know it, Jolene is already sporting the latest in thong bikini fashion in a sultry midnight blue with gold trim thong bikini.  This match begins hot and full of cute booty slapping action as both girls want this win so bad, it brings the hellcat out of both of them!  With alot of leg spreading submission attempts, strikes, belly punching, crotch attacks and of course the coveted and desired nip and lip slips and ass smacking that come with it!  These sexy blonde bombshells are when it comes to wanting this victory.  Jolene uses her height and long legs to trap Crystal in some pretty damn scissorholds and Crystal uses her pro wrestling prowess to keep up with the taller tattooed blonde. If you love a high action, booty flashing, hair flying catfight then LGW’s 1399-I Want to Smack that Ass – Loser Spanked is the match for you!  Download it today!

Time Limit – 9 min  /  Format – MP4

To download via LGWs Clipstore ~ Click Here

All matches fully scripted and are performed by trained professionals, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters and in compliance of 18 U.S.C. § 2257 regulations

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