Crotch Attacks! – Jezabel vs Cheyenne

featuring Jezabel Romo vs Cheyenne Jewel ~ This is by far my best cunt match to date!! Recently Cheyenne Jewel came back to the illustrious Lucha Girls Dojo and once again challenged me, Jezabel Romo, main bitch in charge of Lucha Girls to a match. So I kindly told her that “Yes I will do a match”, but she has to accept my stipulations! We have 2 main specialty matches here…one I already handed her ass back to her piledriver style. ( See Piledriver Princess – Battle for the Title ) Now its time for a good old fashioned cunt match! She tentatively agrees and I proceed to beat her crotch every which way to Sunday! Stomps, Insane head butts, slaps & punches and more are delivered to Cheyennes poor vulnerable pussy. You see, I am not stupid enough to challenge her to another facesitting defeat ( In House Wrestling – Facesitting Challenge) but I will definitely make sure she does’nt forget this showdown!!! Buy Lucha Girls Crotch Attacks! – Jezabel vs Cheyenne” and watch the pussy destroying Cheyenne must endure!
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Cheyenne Jewel doesnot know what she is in for when she steps into the ring with Jezabel Romo in this one sided crotch – Lucha Girls “Crotch Attacks! – Jezabel vs Cheyenne”