Cougar Jezabel wants what sexy Sarah has in 1402-Sarahs Secret – Lingerie Catfight!

Hello Lingerie Wrestling Lovers!

In this bout, sexy Sarah Brooke is launching her brand new lingerie line and her old friend Jezabel volunteers to be a model.  Sarah rudely tells her that she is just too old and out of shape for her sexy lingerie.  Jezabel wants to show this lil bitch that not only can cougars compete with  the 20-30 somethings, but they can rock the lingerie and still look hot!  This match contains a whole lotta of asskickin, crotch attacks and submissions in LGW’s 1402-Sarah’s Secret – Lingerie Catfight!

1402-Sarah’s Secret – Lingerie Catfight

Jezabel Romo vs Sarah Brooke

Sale Price $11.00

Jezabel is so happy for her friend Sarah Brooke!  She is expanding her enterprise and launching a sexy new line of lingerie aptly named Sarah’s Secret – not to be confused with Victoria Secret! Jezabel would love to be one of her models for her upcoming launch, but Sarah cuts her off and states that her lingerie is for the more 20-30 something crowd, not really for the old cougar era.  Jezabel can’t believe Sarah’s audacity and starts to get quite perturbed about it.  Words are exchanged and a challenge is issued.  If Jezabel wins, she gets the gig, if she loses then Sarah can tell this old washed up has been to go kick rocks once and for all!  These ladies have met in the ring before and each chica knows that the other can get quite dirty in her fighting tactics!  This match contains a whole lotta crotch attacks, hair pulling, submissions, nip and lip slips, facesitting and alot of leg spreading stretches.  Both Jezabel and Sarah are determined to win and will do damn near anything to claim this victory!  Download LGW’s 1402-Sarah’s Secrets – Lingerie Catfight and see which bitch wants it badder!

Time Limit ~ 11 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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