Cinco De Mayo Special!!!


Ola Amigos y Amigas!!!

In honor of Cinco de Mayo (and the fact that Lucha Girls Wrestling’s owner/fighter Jezabel Romo is a proud Mexican American bitch!) we have an awesome special for our fans!  

Order any custom, between now and May 5, 2015  with Allie Parker, Jennifer Thomas, Jezabel Romo or Lucky OShea and get 5 minutes added to your custom for free!! In otherwords, order & pay for a 10 minute custom match and you will receive a 15 minute match! 

We will have male talent available as well if you prefer Mixed Wrestling matches.  Lucha Girls fighters can take or give a with the best of them!  We love to open up any flavor can of whoop ass!!

Here is your chance to be the booker of your own fantasy match!  Girl vs Girl, Man vs Woman, Fetish Wrestling, Fantasy/Role Play match, Pro Style, Catfight and more!  

Email INFO@LUCHAGIRLS.COM and we will do the rest!!  Subject Line:  Cinco De Mayo Special!!!


Order a match between now and May 15, 2015 and get 5 minutes free!