This Bitch Out!

This Bitch Out!! – FemDom Wrestling
featuring Jezabel Romo vs Jennifer Thomas – Sexy Cougars Jezabel and Jennifer have met in the ring more times than they can remember, and both have about a pretty equal win/loss record. They each know each others strength and weaknesses and Jen knows for a fact that Jezabel has the mentality of “Win by any means necessary” in other words, she is a damn underhanded, not to be trusted Hot tempered Latina bitch! Sure as all hell, Jezabel goes for a right from the lock up, but Jennifer knows to expect anything & everything from this bitch and is ready for her. Jennifer cuts her off with a kick to the gut and starts showing Jezabel just about every variation of choking a bitch out that she knows. Using her muscular arms and tanned, toned and equally muscular legs, along with that beautiful brain of hers, she all thoughts of cheating out of Jezabel’s head,even standing on her throat, just barely keeping herself from knocking the old bitch out!! Buy this Bitch Out! and see for yourself the control Jennifer has over Jezabels cheating breath!
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Jezabel cheats, Jennifer is ready to give her a taste of her own medicine in This Bitch Out!

Sexy Cougar Aged Wrestlers Jezabel Romo and Jennifer Thomas are both pro trained wrestlers who have worked in the pro wrestling industry for years!  Both girls have a wild fetishy side that loves to fulfill your wrestling fantasies.  If you have a idea, then have our girls fight for you!  Email us at