This Bitch Out #2

Jezabels pride is about to get her into some serious trouble. After enduring a one-sided choking massacre at the hands and legs of Jennifer in This Bitch Out #1 ( Full Match available – Click Here ), Jezabel spread a rumor that she in fact didnt lose to Jennifer, and that Jennifer certainly never choked her . Well, Jennifer caught wind of this, and instead of waiting for Jezabel in the Lucha Girls ring, stormed into Jezabels home to confront the sexy cougar. What follows isnt exactly for the faint of heart. Not even two minutes into this match, Jennifer has Jezabel drooling and gagging while caught between her powerful legs. Shortly after, a vengeful Jennifer uses a miniature baseball bat to Jezabel, sending her quivering body into unconsciousness as she nearly on her own drool. Unfortunately for Jezabel, this is just the beginning of Jennifers rampage. A particularly powerful dragon sleeper has Jezabel convulsing and drooling everywhere. STILL NOT DONE, Jennifer stands on Jezabels throat, leaving her convulsing and gagging (seriously folks, the noises Jezabel makes while under Jennifers feet well leave you worrying for her well being). Even while Jezabel is out, Jennifer continues to stand on her throat, while foamy spittle pours from her lips. Fans of Jezabel take note, she never stood a chance. Jennifer showed ZERO mercy, and even resorted to using foreign objects to send Jezabel to dreamland. The ending is just as merciless. Lets just say Jezabel is left KOd in a very painful backbreaking position, and we only hope Jennifer never did any serious damage to her neck. Hell has no fury like a Jennifer Thomas scorned. Buy This Bitch Out #2 and watch the destruction of Jezabel!
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Both Jezabel Romo & Jennifer Thomas are pro trained wrestlers working on the independent wrestling circuit.  Both fighters are available for customs & sessions anytime!  Email us at and let Jezabel and Jennifer fulfill all your wrestling fantasies!